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Stop Struggling, Start Thriving

Reconnect & Revitalize Your Journey through Personalized Coaching

Common Obstacles to Life Unbound

Can you relate to these struggles?

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Feel trapped in life's second gear, knowing there’s more within you?  Yearning for more from life than the status quo? Caught in a cycle of living for others, at the cost of your own values and desires? Uncover the depths of your true aspirations and step into a life that satisfies your soul's deepest yearnings.

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Feeling frustrated and ineffective in your relationships? Does true intimacy seem just out of reach, as if a barrier stands between you and the world? Embrace your authenticity and watch those walls crumble, making way for genuine relationships and community.

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Anxious about the uncertainty of forging your own path? Worried that you'll never figure out what you want or how to get it? Courage isn't the absence of fear, but the decision to act in spite of it. Let’s build the confidence you need to face the unknown with assurance.

I'm Here to Guide You

Michael Brasher, Certified Life Coach

Embarking on the journey of personal and professional growth is an adventure — one filled with its challenges and breakthroughs. It demands a whole new level of self-awareness and courage, qualities that aren't always nurtured in our day-to-day lives. It's a common crossroad, yet it comes with a transformative passage.

Growth is about making the right choices, embracing the moments of change, and taking the steps that lead to fulfillment and joy. Wandering through life without direction can lead to a cycle of stagnation, but walking alongside someone who has navigated this terrain before can illuminate your path to success. I've traversed these paths, explored the depths of personal potential, and I'm here to guide you towards your own vibrant life.


With each person's unique story, I craft a coaching journey tailored to your individual aspirations and obstacles. Together, we'll unlock the doors to your potential, paving the way for a life that’s not just lived, but cherished and celebrated. I'm ready to embark on this journey with you; let's start writing the next chapter of your story.


Signature Coaching Program

Discover the Life Unbound Experience

Embark on a transformative 6-month journey with "The Life Unbound Experience," meticulously designed to unlock your potential and align your life with your truest self. Together, we will chart a course through your personal & professional landscape, identify obstacles, and cultivate the skills necessary for profound personal growth. Ready to take the first step? To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

  • Embrace and actualize your untapped potential, transforming aspirations into lived experiences.

  • Decipher and dismantle the barriers that have kept you from moving forward, enabling a life of progress and satisfaction.

  • Cultivate authenticity in your personal and professional endeavors, leading to richer, more meaningful relationships.

  • Find joy and purpose in daily living, understanding that fulfillment comes from within and radiates outward.

  • Navigate life's complexities with newfound clarity and confidence, laying the groundwork for continued growth beyond the program.


Sarah, single mom & small business owner

I feel seen when working with Michael. This work allows me to know and understand myself in deep and meaningful ways while guiding me towards self discovery.

Leo, small business owner

A great example of a great Life Coach; the things we were able to accomplish and conquer are amazing -- words can’t explain, and do it no justice. Michael is the best Life Coach or just mentor really I’ve ever had in my life. I highly recommend and highly endorse him.

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Phil, Executive

What I love about working with Michael is that he makes change feel like an inevitable and secondary outcome of our work together. He's really good at seeing things before you can see them. Through the space he held for me, I came to all a lot of powerful realizations about what I'm capable of and what I want. As a result, I left behind a lot of outdated habits that no longer served me. The reason I recommend him to people is because I know that he's good at helping others to activate the best and brightest within themselves. 


Coaching is a tool for gaining clarity, direction, and support while moving past barriers caused by fear, anxiety, confusion, unhelpful thoughts, and uncertainty as you move through the changes of life. A coach helps you create habits that align to your deepest longings. Beginning with mindset, long-term results can be found through coaching. By identifying your desired goals in life, career, relationships, and health, a life coach can support you to create a personalized road map to get there. At Life Unbound Coaching, working with a coach enables you to take control of your life by taking action to steer it toward your goals.

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Radical Change means working from the roots.

As an ICF-certified coach, Michael Brasher offers a unique approach to life coaching that stands out in a crowded field. While many coaches focus solely on goals or problem-solving, Michael provides something more profound—a transformative relational container for deep personal growth. His empathetic and loving guidance creates a safe space for clients to fully engage with their inner lives, turning challenges into opportunities for renewal and growth. With Michael, coaching is not just about achieving milestones; it's about embracing a holistic journey towards a life unbound.

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