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From the Source

Check out the reviews we’re getting at Life Unbound Coaching. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and unparalleled quality has not only helped fuel our growth, but has also contributed to building a stellar reputation among the public. We love hearing from our customers, so if you have feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.

Smiling Young Man

When I was looking for a time management coach, I really wanted to work with someone who could go work with limiting beliefs and go to the root issue. It would be easy to read a book or watch a video and transfer those skills to your work but the time management issues will just keep coming back because you weren't able to actually find what is keeping you stuck or frozen. With Michael, he was able to help get me see why I put so much pressure on myself and I had a lot of break throughs while working with him. He was the right coach at the right time. I can't recommend him enough!

Senior Man

What I love about working with Michael is that he makes change feel like an inevitable and secondary outcome of our work together. He's really good at seeing things before you can see them. Through the space he held for me, I came to all a lot of powerful realizations about what I'm capable of and what I want. As a result, I left behind a lot of outdated habits that no longer served me. The reason I recommend him to people is because I know that he's good at helping others to activate the best and brightest within themselves. 


I feel seen when working with Michael. This work allows me to know and understand myself in deep and meaningful ways while guiding me towards self discovery.

Young Professional

This was a really great experience for me. I feel like we’ve only just scratched the surface of our work together, and it already has paid dividends for me. For the first time, I am working to create goals that are meaningful and relatable to me, and also for the first time I have created a vision for myself. This is in large part due to our work together and wrestling with some of the underlying issues I've had around these two areas of personal development. That's a big deal for me.

Image by André Reis

A great example of a great Life Coach; the things we were able to accomplish and conquer are amazing, and honestly words can’t explain or do justice to what this experience of growth has been like. Michael is the best Coach I’ve ever had in my life. I highly recommend and highly endorse him.


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