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We Put Your Needs First

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Release Resistance

At Life Unbound Coaching, embark on a transformative journey to unleash your authentic self. As a certified ICF coach, Michael draws from a rich tapestry of unique experiences, ensuring that every step you take is towards a life truly unbound. Dive deep with Michael, whose expertise and proven results, backed by glowing testimonials, guide you in designing a life where your aspirations, dreams, and values converge seamlessly.

Successful public speaking gets results. Elevate your public speaking prowess with Michael's award-winning approach. Whether you're preparing for a specific event or aiming to master the art as an overarching practice, Michael's unique blend of proven techniques and personalized coaching will set you on a path to success. With accolades and years of experience under his belt, he has mentored many towards achieving monumental resonance on stage, ensuring that each message delivered is impactful, memorable, and truly captivating.


Become Elite

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Ensure Impact

Journey with Michael, an acclaimed motivational speaker, as he delves into themes of leadership, inspiration, healthy masculinity, and personal as well as collective healing. Drawing on profound personal experiences and a wealth of knowledge, Michael captivates audiences with speeches that not only enlighten but also inspire action. When you need a keynote that resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impact long after the applause, Michael is your go-to choice.

Step into the world of nonprofit excellence with Michael, a highly accomplished former CEO renowned for his prowess in fundraising, grant writing, and organizational strategy. His vast experience, combined with a visionary approach, positions him uniquely to guide nonprofits through their challenges and towards sustainable growth. Collaborate with Michael, and transform your nonprofit's potential into tangible successes and impactful community stories.


Enjoy Results


Expect Traction

Step into the competitive job market with confidence with proven guidance. As an experienced career coach, Michael provides tailored strategies to enhance your resume, fine-tune your interview skills, and navigate the complexities of job hunting. Whether you're starting your career, pivoting to a new industry, or aiming for that coveted promotion, Michael's insights and tools ensure you present your best self and secure the position you desire.

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