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My Background

I share my story not to highlight my achievements but to give you a glimpse into the experiences that have shaped me, hoping it might resonate with your journey and help you decide if I am the right companion for your path. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, faced trauma head-on, and have made recovery a pivotal part of my life.

In many ways, my journey started with a suitcase and a deep desire for understanding. After spending some years doing work exchange in Europe and Africa, I immersed myself in South America, experiencing its diverse landscapes and cultures. This period, part of my master's research on conflict and peacemaking in Miami, Florida, sparked an enduring passion to grasp human struggle and resilience.

Settling in Tucson, I took my learnings and applied them, leading innovative nonprofit projects, from therapeutic art programs for kids in shelters, to helping design a groundbreaking program focused on dismantling toxic masculinity. Earning my PhD at the University of Arizona, I've also been honored to train others, sharing the wisdom I've gathered, and continuing to learn. As a nonprofit CEO at a successful mentorship organization, I experienced major career highs, but eventually found myself burnt out and unhappy. This caused me to go on a deep inner journey to connect to who I am and what I want.

Family is my anchor. As a father of two and with another blessing on the way, my wife and I deeply cherish the world of birthwork and family support, further deepening my perspective on the human journey. The challenges and urgency of attentive parenthood really drive me, and child advocacy is a central value in my life. This is for both the children in our lives, and the inner children in our hearts. 

Today, as an ICF-certified life coach at Life Unbound Coaching, I’m devoted to being a catalyst for your transformation. My experiences, both highs and lows, have equipped me to walk alongside you, helping you discover and embrace your true self. Remember, your life's transformation is a unique story, and I’m here to provide the guidance, insight, and support you deserve. Our work isn't ultimately about me or my experiences, but rather cultivating a supportive container that ensures that you can live and enjoy your life—unbound. 

Are you ready to make a change?
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